1. Hi Harrison, this was done on the Vive so I used Camtasia to capture the screen on the PC while I was in the headset. I use AZ Screen Recorder on Android to capture Daydream.


  1. I was wondering…Did you use addforce or set a velocity to the arrows, or is the trajectory a manual calculation?


  2. Hi I am Daniel Kim
    I am now making VR app with Daydream
    I would like to ask a few things regarding daydream so can you tell me your email address please??
    I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    All the best,


  3. Hi Sam,

    Great post and tutorial again as usual! I am combining your tutorial and the Photon Unity’s Basic tutorial, and found two issues. I wonder if you have any idea?

    1. Duplication of other player clones if/ when loading new scenes/ levels:
    Like your tutorial’s set up, if in the beginning there’s no player and they are instantiated after connecting to PhtonNetwork, it behaves nromal that there are only 2 clones as expected (one local and the other remote player). However, when I integrate loading new levels and the instantiate new player prefabs, then the funny thing happens — the local player still has only one clone, yet the remote player (other) has 2 clones I can see from my Unity. One of other player’s clone is controlled by the remote player and I can see the movements, yet another clone of the remote player just stays at the world center and not doing anything.

    2. If there’s a controller in the start scene, even if I use DestroyImmediate(), and then PhotonNetwork.Instantiate() the player prefab, it seems that the controller is not able to interact with UI buttons, nor performing teleport anymore.


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